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Ruta Nacional 40 in Patagonia is a must for any adventurer’s bucket list. 

At almost 3000 miles long, and running nearly the length of Argentina, this iconic route captures the remarkable beauty of Patagonia and the Andes Mountains.

Whilst not as instantly recognisable as Route 66, Ruta 40 offers incredible contrasts and stunning scenery. Driving your very own Xped luxury 4x4. this unforgettable journey will start at the top of Bolivia, head South along the Andes Mountains, right down to the tip of Patagonia. You will cross 236 bridges, 11 provinces, three provincial capitals, 20 National Parks, 18 major rivers, and climb 27 mountain passes. A truly extraordinary overland expedition.


Let Xped Global unlock this life-enhancing adventure – in style and comfort.


Vehicles: Luxury Xped 4x4s


  • Visit the Talampaya and Ischigualasto National Parks

  • Discover the oldest known ruins in Argentina in the town of Tilcara

  • Visit the bustling city of Salta

  • Conquer land surfing in Leoncito

  • Enjoy wine tasting in the region of Mendoza

  • Unlock Lago De Los Tres and the breath-taking views of Mount Fitz Roy

  • Experience the Perito Moreno glacier


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