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Whether you seek a fleeting escapade within the confines of a secluded estate, a distinctive odyssey across the arid landscapes of Jordan, Morocco, or Utah, a heart-pounding snow adventure in the frigid realm of Iceland, or an adrenaline-fueled rally, we stand ready to craft indelible experiences that shall forever grace your memory.


"As a charity, we have run an annual fundraising super car rally for the past 12 years which is supported by about 80 participants. We require 40 guest cars and a top hotel which can accommodate our own kosher team with private dining facilities.

This year we appointed Xped Global to create our first off-road 4x4 adventure in Morocco with the express aim that our Chana Rally 2019 participants must have an awesome time to put them in a generous mood for our fundraising gala dinner during the event.

Xped's planning, communication and seamless delivery was exemplary. It achieved our guest satisfaction objective, giving everyone an immensely enjoyable experience which, as a consequence, enabled us to successfully raise £100k more that our previous rally.

Needless to say, we have appointed Mike and Emile's team to manage our rally next year."

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