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Our company's executive, VIP, and media travel division provide comprehensive management of your travel arrangements, encompassing safety and security measures from start to finish. We prioritise discreet security solutions, implemented with utmost efficiency, utilising meticulous preparation, organisation, and intelligence. Our tireless efforts allow you to devote your attention to your project or business objectives.

Our highly-skilled close protection teams hail from a variety of international and British military units, special forces, and government agencies. Given the escalating incidence of terrorism and targeted threats worldwide, our services offer a heightened level of security and peace of mind to individuals, their families, and corporate entities, ensuring their safety while traveling or conducting business abroad.

Our services are highly customisable, and tailored to suit the unique requirements of each mission. Crew selection is based on the specific skill set required for each task. In addition to managing your safety, you may require the expertise of a boat handler, off-road driving specialist, covert surveillance operators, film crew and location managers, or hostile environment medics.

Our mission is to provide discreet and efficient travel management services with world-class security solutions to ensure the safety of our clients.

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