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Xped Global, the trailblazing pioneers of fully guided and supported self-drive adventures and automotive experiences.

Regardless of whether you're a connoisseur of adventures or a novice explorer, we intricately design an unparalleled odyssey to the destination that ignites your passion. We provide the vehicles, the gear, the lodgings that define comfort, and the hospitality that warms the soul, with the unwavering assurance that you're under the vigilant stewardship of the globe's eminent authorities and guides.


Take the wheel, plunge into the unknown, and brace yourself for a truly transformative experience!


Emile Waite-Taylor is the Co-Founder and Expedition Director of Xped Global. With expertise that converges guided self-drive odysseys, intrepid adventure jaunts, and global spectacles, Emile's very essence has been moulded by the wonders of travel.

Emile's life journey reads like a map of wanderlust. From orchestrating trekking odysseys amidst the towering majesty of the Himalayas, to threading the intricate tapestry of the Silk Road, and embarking upon daring escapades into the heart of Indonesian tropical paradises and the vast expanse of the Western Sahara deserts, he has etched his existence with the ink of exploration. A seeker of thrills and an eternal voyager.

Over the course of 16 transformative years, Emile's involvement in travel has thrust him into the epicenter of off-road expeditions spanning the globe. It was during these moments that he beheld a beacon of opportunity, an opportunity to weave his fervour, expertise, and wisdom into the very fabric of an exceptional overland adventure enterprise.

Mike Burton is the other Co-Founder of Xped Global, with a lifetime of business leadership and guest relations experience, Mike brings a wealth of commercial knowledge and sets exemplary standards of service excellence.
Partnering with Emile at Xped Global has liberated Mike’s dual passion to deliver a peerless guest experience whilst enjoying the ultimate travel adventure.

Their mission? An elegant simplicity personified. To intertwine the opulence of luxury with the pulse-pounding thrill of adventure. To resurrect the gilded era of British expeditionary tradition, breathing new life into a time-honoured legacy of exploration.




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