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Private expeditions and unique events

Want to celebrate a special occasion in a truly unique way?

If there is a part of the world you have dreamed about exploring, then let us know and we will bespoke your very own expedition of a lifetime.

With our world class crew and event specialists we can deliver bespoke Xped expeditions all around the world.

Your dedicated crew consists of an expedition leader, host, photographer, 4x4 instructor and military grade security. 

Let us curate a bespoke expedition for you.

Iceland 7.jpg


Take a fun break with your friends or put your grown up children behind the wheel on a family adventure holiday. Whatever you choose, the fun and excitement of an Xped adventure is guaranteed.

Don't take our word for it; ask our clients.


Top every other party at which you have been a guest and let us create the ultimate party event - blending adventure activity with stylish hospitality and a truly amazing venue for you party night.

Photos by kind permission of Lisa Ronson who celebrated her 50th birthday party with us.


Whatever your corporate aims, Xped Global tailors events to develop your team and reward their performance.


Create a 4x4 adventure and rally course that gets your guests in a generous mood for a gala fundraising dinner.

Photos by kind permission of Chana charity.

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