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Play the lead role in your very own Middle Eastern production. Whether you are a fan of Indiana Jones’s Last Crusade or you wish to follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, this amazing overland adventure will leave you breathless.

Driving in convoy, led by our world-class crew and native guide, you will be entranced and captivated as you navigate your way off the beaten track, along ancient trade routes, through this beautiful country.

Admire the wealth of Jordan’s culture and history as you travel back in time through Amman to the ancient city of Jerash with its well-preserved Roman ruins and the renowned mosaics of Madaba.

Float weightlessly and rejuvenate your body and soul in the salty expanse of the Dead Sea before exploring the awe-inspiring Pink City of Petra with its elaborate, rock-cut tombs, temples and Roman-style theatres.

Ultimately, you will test your new 4x4 driving skills as you tackle the dunes in the lunar landscape of Wadi Rum before enjoying Bedouin hospitality in a your desert camp.

Open yourself up and allow this wonderful country to leave its mark on you!


Vehicles: Luxury Xped 4x4s


  • Receive world-class off-road driving instruction

  • Professional photography capturing every moment

  • Wander through the sandstone city of Petra 

  • Tackle sand driving in the dunes of Wadi Rum

  • Enjoy Bedouin hospitality at your desert camp

  • Visit the lowest point on earth and float in the iconic Dead Sea 

  • Explore the underwater attractions of the Red Sea-the best diving spot in the Middle East


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