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Experience sacred cultures and extraordinary sights as you follow the Mekong: one of the world’s greatest waterways.


Discover Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and experience thriving cities, rural communities, and floating villages. An immense and unimaginable diversity of colour and culture.  


Unlock lush banana plantations, verdant flood plains, terraced fruit farms, tropical jungles and awe-inspiring gorges, in the comfort of your very own luxury Xped 4x4 along extraordinary routes and guided by our world-class crew.


See these incredible countries from a completely different perspective and really get to know, arguably, the humblest of people in South East Asia.


Let Xped Global unlock this life-enhancing adventure – in style and comfort.


Vehicles: Luxury Xped 4x4s


  • Explore the ancient wonders of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom

  • Enjoy the delicacies of Vietnam cuisine

  • Visit the small fisheries along the Mekong river 

  • Receive expert 4x4 driving instruction with world class crew

  • Enjoy your very own Xped 4x4

  • Interact with local villagers

  • Hop onboard the wooden sampan boats

  • Visit the beautiful Vinh Tang Temple


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