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Fancy a wild, scenic long weekend in Morocco, the closest faraway place?
Explore the gateway to Africa, up close and in style. Our expert guides will prepare you to drive across desert terrain, conquer the sand dunes, tackle obstacles, boulder crossings and dry wadi beds.
The adventure doesn't stop with the off-road driving. Morocco is full of mesmerising experiences; travel Berber-style on camels across the Agafay desert, visit a local Berber family, soak up the Atlantic breeze in Essaouira and get lost in the Medina in Marrakech.
At the end of each action packed day, spend the evenings enjoying Morocco's warm hospitality in our carefully chosen boutique hotels and kasbahs or sleep under the stars in a luxury camp in the desert. 

Give us a call and we’ll help to curate your perfect Escape to Morocco.


Vehicles: Luxury Xped 4x4s


  • Receive world-class off road driving instruction

  • Professional photography capturing every moment

  • Adventure drive across the Agafay Desert

  • Camel riding Berber-style

  • Sleep under the desert sky in a luxury camp

  • Discover the ancient fishing town of Essaouira

  • Explore the Medina in Marrakech 

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